At DETOOLS you are profiting from a complete product range of the world’s most famous suppliers and market leaders in machining tools and chucking devices. Our aim is to serve our customers with high quality tools and to offer them a spectrum of optimum solutions, all from one source - DETOOLS.



Flexibility, reliability, efficiency, innovation, technology, precision and quality make us to a reliable partner in all aspects of machining tools and chucking devices.



No matter which specific requirement you have in the field of machining tools and chucking devices, our products will fulfill your demands:

- threading, drilling, milling, grooving, turning, broaching, reamers and countersinks, rotary burrs, slitting saws and gauges;

- shrink chucking equipment, chucking systems, chucks, collet chucks, drill chucks, mandrels, machine vices, toolholding systems, lathe chucks, stationary workholding and chuck jaws;

We are continually developing our product variety and technical solutions to improve the manufacturing quality and productivity and thus to strengthen the market position of our customers.

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